The art of listening, pro-actively effectively communicating specific interests and generating and implementing ideas continues to be the mainstay of my personality. I am appreciative of the prospect for contributing my work experience and passion in an organization which recognizes and understands that the consumer/ client is always 1 st and that perfection isn’t just an idea, but a goal for which to always strive.

As a highly personable individual, I find it very easy to build relationships with prospective clients/ consumers. My extensive experience in the financial services industry, combined with my Securities licenses has ensured my previous success as a financial consultant and investment broker across the USA.
Precision analysis, customer insight and rigorous attention to detail are the trademarks of my work ethic.
My motivation is to deliver results in an environment for a customer oriented organization.

Please reference this website: www.leewoodard.com for detailed, complete background information including extensive management experience in banking/ finance, bond finance (corporate/ municipal) as well as management in the hospitality sector.

Thank you for your consideration,
Lee Woodard

(843) 384-5525